New P-Series of Segway-Ninebot Electric Scooters

Segway-Ninebot launches a premium electric scooter under the premise of offering great safety for its users, in addition to offering a mechanical configuration with high performance. The new P series of the manufacturer is launched on the European market with two models: the P65E and the P100SE. All this, after reaching the milestone of manufacturing 10 million scooters and having presented this summer the GT Series, which is the highest range of the manufacturer’s catalog.

This new P series consists of two models that adapt to the different needs of the brand’s customers. The P65E is designed for urban travel, being able to offer a range of up to 65 kilometers. On the other hand, the P100SE is developed for off-road use and its autonomy is extended to 100 kilometers.

Both models have a totally new design compared to the previous models of the brand. The P Series has been manufactured exclusively looking for the comfort of the driver based on providing them with greater power, a wider handlebar and a large platform, which provides a better and safer driving experience.

Both models share the 10.5-inch SegPower Cross Season tires, specially developed to adapt to all types of weather conditions throughout the year. The running surface increases grip and prevents skidding on wet or snowy roads. In addition, it incorporates a layer of gel inside the tires, users will have a lower risk of punctures.

To increase the driver’s visibility in different lighting conditions, both models are equipped with a 10W LED headlight, in addition to the DRL (Daytime Running Light) that makes the driver visible at any time of the day. The new front and rear turn signals also allow you to move more safely. With regard to the braking system, both models incorporate disc brakes (front) and electronic (rear). To increase safety on the P100SE, an additional disc brake has been added at the rear.

To increase the user experience, both models incorporate a series of intelligent features such as NFC connectivity or the Segway-Ninebot mobile APP to lock and unlock your scooters. In addition, the P Series has a USB-C port to charge your mobile phone during the journey.

Segway KickScooter Electric Scooter P65E

According to Segway, the KickScooter P65E changes the rules of the personal mobility game. With a net weight of approximately 28 kilograms and an easy folding mechanism in three seconds, this electric scooter can be considered a comfortable travel solution in urban areas.

The motor yields a nominal power of 500 W, more than enough to drive in urban environments. The maximum power is 980W which is used to climb ramps of up to 22% of altitude and so that users can take advantage of all road conditions. It is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 25 km / h and offer a range of up to 65 kilometers, which guarantees to reach any urban destination in a reasonably fast time. The time needed to recharge the battery is four hours.

Europe Must Defend Its Industry to Avoid Losing the Battle against China

Europe has in the automotive sector one of the most important and relevant industries in the market. Manufacturers contribute large amounts of money to the public coffers, in addition to adding hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions in innovation and development. All that putting down the drain if the European Union does not take action to help its industry. The battle against China begins to uneven in favor of the Asians. An international study demonstrates the need for support from the rulers so as not to endanger a main sector.

At the end 2021, the European Union took a very important step. The plans of the old continent are to transform the automobile industry from its foundations. In 2035 Europe will ban the sale of any car that is not electric, although as we know there will be some exceptions. European citizens will only be able to count on electric cars, although this important step may trigger a series of events that are difficult to resolve. This is highlighted in a report by the climate group Transport & Environment.

It is not at all strange to report on the deviation of the production of some brand. From time to time news emerges that suppose an increase of influence of the Chinese market. Many brands are choosing to decentralize the production of their electric models in order to reduce costs. In China the production is very cheap, the public bodies put many facilities to the brands to take the factories there or sign alliances with other local manufacturers. A strategy that in recent years has aroused more and more interest.

Europe seems to be suffering from a slowdown in its electricity strategy. Although the monthly figures are getting better, the estimates are not being met. The plans specified that by the end of the first half of 2022 13% of car sales would be fully electric, but at the end of June it had reached 11%. Two points less than expected that can mean a small break in sales. The crisis in Eastern Europe, the lack of components and the boom in electricity and fuel prices may be the main causes.

The weight of Chinese brands is not yet a big problem, but if Europe does not support its industry the landscape can change quickly. In the first half of 2022 only 5% of electric car sales came from Chinese brands, a small percentage, but not without concern. The study reveals that by 2025 the presence of Chinese brands would reach a market share of 18%. That means that in just three years the sales of Asian models within the territory of the European Union could quadruple.

T&E aims for stimulation in production and greater support in the transition. Tax credits, discounts and other incentives could help the European customer maintain trust in continental brands. Price is undoubtedly a determining factor. Manufacturers such as BYD, NIO or XPeng are able to offer cars with advanced technology and high performance for a significantly lower price than similar European rivals. In the future, the strategy of Chinese brands will expand the available offer, reaching segments as important as those of utility and compact.