5 Techniques To Generate Qualified Leads

1. Identify qualified prospects through LinkedIn
To find new prospects easily via LinkedIn, it is interesting to use prospecting tools. With these solutions,
you can find prospects who have the most potential in your eyes and contact them. LinkedIn notably
offers a native tool called Sales Navigator with an advanced search system. You have the ability to apply
filters to find the profiles that best match your target audience. Most prospecting tools can connect to
your CRM and other business tools to make it easier to update your contact database.

2. Send emails through automated scenarios
Another interesting action: creating automated scenarios. Concretely, this allows you to set
up automated emails to be sent at the right time to your prospects who are not yet ready for a purchase
action. The goal is not to send overly promotional emails but to show your leads that you
understand their needs and interests. Thanks to this lead nurturing technique, you will obtain more
qualified prospects in the medium term. Before embarking on automated email scenarios, it will be
important to define your business objectives, think carefully about the content offered, and determine
the frequency of sending your emails.

3. Create conversion-friendly landing pages
Landing pages are a great way to generate qualified leads, which is why it's important to optimize them
as much as possible. Landing page creation tools exist to help you. The advantage? These tools offer
landing page templates that are already optimized for your goals to help you get more leads and
customers. All the elements are set up on the landing page, all you have to do is customize it with your
own texts, images, and colors.

Among the best practices to keep in mind:
 Prioritize short content (no long paragraphs),
 Make your CTA (Call-To-Action) visible as soon as the page is opened,
 Take care of the user experience,
 Think mobile-first,
 Use visual cues to orient the reader,
 Show real social proof (customer reviews, social networks)…

4. Create content that meets the needs of your audience
It's also a good idea to create relevant content that meets the interests of your target audience. By
putting a real content strategy on your website and on your social networks, you will attract your target
audience and be able to generate more qualified leads. For example, you can produce SEO blog articles,
of the quote; how to" type on a theme in your sector of activity, this can help you position yourself in Google
search results. You can also then share this content on your social networks to give it more visibility.

5. Set up a chatbot on your website
Another method to get more qualified leads: set up a chatbot on your website. This allows you to
provide an immediate response to the questions of visitors to your site. Chatbots must be well
configured upstream to be effective with prospects, without being too intrusive. A chatbot allows
you to have the first exchange with your potential buyer, it can then be relayed by a natural customer service
person, who will provide the necessary details and can collect important information about the

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