What is the Cost of Bumper Repair in San Diego?

The bumper is an element of a car that is most often made of plastic, and which, as its name suggests, helps protect the vehicle from certain shocks. It is therefore not uncommon to see this type of element deformed or split following an accident or a collision. It is then necessary to repair its bumper or replace it depending on the condition of the latter.

But what is the cost of paintless dent repair? We shall be exploring that in this article.

In which case is a repair necessary?

There are several cases in which it is possible to make a bumper repair. It is therefore quite possible to intervene in the event of:

  • Deep scratches
  • Scratches
  • Slight deformations
  • Cracks

Of course, it all depends on the case and the level of severity of the problem. A bumper repair is therefore not systematic and sometimes it will be necessary to replace it. Most often, it will be the role of a garage to perform this operation or even the repair of the bumper if one is not used to doing this type of intervention.

Repair of a split plastic bumper, how does it work?

As mentioned earlier, there are several problems that may require a split bumper repair. A split plastic can be repaired provided the right material is used.

In a car garage, the technique used involves intervening inside the bumper. A specific tool will heat the plastic in order to apply staples later. Sanding can then be done to repaint the bumper and thus restore it to practically new condition.

For smaller damages, there are so-called split bumper repair kits. Sealant can also be used provided you choose a product suitable for this type of repair.

Which plastic bumper sealant?

If you want to perform a bumper repair yourself, when circumstances allow, you can turn to the use of sealant. It is then the plastic sealant that is preferred. It allows a high absorption to impacts as well as great elasticity and flexibility. It provides sufficient grip to car plastics, making it an ideal element for bumper repair.

What is the cost of San Diego Bumper Repair?

The cost of getting San Diego bumper repair depends first and foremost on the method used. If you decide to take care of the repairs yourself and therefore carry out the work independently, only the price of the materials will be taken into account. A repair kit that includes sealant and a hardener to repair a superficial crack costs between $15 and $50. In case of more important scratches, repainting by a professional will cost between $50 and $80.

In case of too much damage, the entire part must be replaced. It all depends on the vehicle model, but there are new bumpers sold naked between $300 and $600. Another solution is to turn to a used car part to limit costs. It will be necessary to add to this expense the labor which can vary from $25 to $150 per hour.

When looking for Dent Repair San Diego, make sure you work with the best and one with a proven track record. Value your car enough to take it to a professional auto body shop.